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Search “Light”

1-2-1 Philanthropic 
Services Executive Search connects nonprofit employers with the best prospective job candidates.  This service enables nonprofit employers to outsource the management of a search, while retaining the parts of the process that are easier to handle – including selecting the candidates and conducting the interviews.

Search “Light” includes the following:

  • Finalize a position/job description that is an accurate presentation of the job responsibilities, experience required, achievement expected, etc.
  • Consult to the total compensation package for the position, not just salary and benefits
  • Organize a plan for promotion and advertising of the position
  • Set forth a timeline for you to interview candidates (video teleconference and/or in person)
  • Work with you to set up the interviews for candidates
  • Conduct reference checks of candidates
  • Assist you with the offer and negotiation with final candidate
  • Work with you to wrap-up the search with professionalism including thank you letters to candidates who applied

We work on a retainer, not on contingency. For ethical reasons, we do not work on a percentage basis. Call us at 866-575-4121.