Grant Writing

Connecting you to grant funders

We specialize in grant writing and research services for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Many organizations are cutting back on budgets, while feeling pressure to raise more money from grants. Often this work is cyclical with some months heavier than others.  The solution is outsourcing grant writing and research to our team of experienced specialists -- while only paying for the services you really need. A few hours of our services each month can go a long way towards increasing your organization’s revenue.

Our Approach
Grant writing is a process that includes more than just writing; it also includes visioning, project goal-setting, quality research, and tracking.  Grant writing is a necessary component of non-profit’s overall fundraising plan.  We offer the following menu of grant writing services:

  • Full service grant and proposal writing – from visioning to application completion
    • Research funding sources and develop a grant writing submission plan
    • Check spheres of influence for each funding source (Board members, other non-profits, etc.)
    • Collect and maintain updated documents: your 990 form, strategic plan, and financial statements.
    • Gather project/program information including description, social impact/benefits, budget, evaluation/measurement, benchmarks, etc.
    • Draft Letters of Intent – LOI’s
    • Draft applications/proposals
    • Finalize applications with updated supporting documents
    • Facilitate submission of applications and required documents
    • Track applications and results
    • Outline compliance required
    • Draft status updates outlining compliance
  • Part-time and interim grant writing
    • Grant and proposal editing
    • Research for new funding sources and update research for previous sources
    • Store and update key supporting application documents: 990 form, project budget, financial statements, etc.
    • Set up an application tracking template with monthly timelines
    • Write Letters of Intent –LOI
    • Draft applications/proposals
    • Work with grantees to manage reporting/ compliance on grants received

We are more than just writers – we’re your partner! More than 1.5 million not-for-profit organizations in the United States are competing for available grant monies (government, foundation and corporation).  It is important to identify possible funding opportunities and to apply. Whether you need full-time, part-time or interim grant writing sources, we can help!  Call us at  866-575-4121.