Major Gifts

Connecting you to your donors

Major gifts are crucial to any nonprofit. It takes a well-planned effort to ensure that the “right” donors are presented at the “right” time, for the "right" case, with the “right” ask, by the "right" person. We can help you identify and solicit your donors cost effectively. Major gifts will strengthen your fundraising and reduce your dependence on annual appeals. In order to focus on your mission, major gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations are essential. They give nonprofits the freedom to focus their energy on what they do best – helping others.

Our “Can Do” Philosophy

Major gift solicitation requires planning. We partner with you to develop a multi-year plan for major gift solicitation: identifying prospects, researching prospects, rating your donors, deciding on appropriate ask amounts, and advising on the “ask” approach.

Our Major Gift Services

Major gifts are the key to effective fundraising. We show nonprofit organizations what they can accomplish through major gift fundraising with individuals, foundations and corporations. We offer the following services:

  • Develop a customized, comprehensive plan, including major gifts
  • Fundraising packaging (case statements, solicitor materials, etc.)
  • Wealth screening management
  • Extensive research to identify potential individuals, foundations, and corporations
  • Identify and recruit volunteer leadership for fundraising
  • Staff training and development
  • Planning studies to interview prospective donors
  • Develop a gift chart
  • Set ask amounts
  • Track solicitation, including “Moves Management”
  • Create a strategy for cultivating current donors and building donor loyalty
  • Plan donor recognition, including naming opportunities
  • Celebrate success!

We specialize in identifying gifts from six figures to a million dollars and above. Our customized gift charts will help you clarify the search for larger gifts. We work with all types of major gift initiatives.

Why Research Is Important

Prospect research is critical to maximizing your fundraising potential. Good research reduces fundraising costs and solicitation time. We use our customized prospect research software to gather factual and anecdotal information on your prospects. Prospect rating for “ask” amounts starts with good research! Our research team will get you the prospect information you need.

Our Experience

We have decades of experience in helping nonprofit organizations become more self-sustaining through national or regional fundraising initiatives. We review your organization’s capabilities, set goals, conduct comprehensive prospect research, create a fundraising plan, and partner with you to implement your plan. Call us at 866-575-4121.